Anwar Gilbert

With over 17 years supporting and training clients across the globe, Anwar is specialised in helping people to help themselves.

Anwar’s work has taken him around the world, training private clients and professional athletes, consulting for gyms and teaching at international yoga events.

Whether its injury rehabilitation, nutritional guidance, building strength, weight-loss or professional training you’re in need of, Anwar’s hands-on, holistic approach, personalised programs and attention to detail will help you get there.

Helping someone to love who they are on the outside is about more than just lifting weights, it’s incredibly rewarding but there are no tricks, no fad diets, no machines and no excuses that give results, it’s just down to compassion and commitment. 

Anwar is currently based in London, United Kingdom, get in touch for online or in person training.


  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
  • BSc Exercise, Nutrition + Health
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM 
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - NASM
  • FR - Functional Range
  • FRC - Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Pre + Post Natal Specialist - NASM
  • Integrated Flexibility Specialist - NASM
  • Yoga Teacher - Hatha, Ashtanga + Vinyasa Flow 
  • Athlete’s Performance Mentorship (Levels 1 + 2)
  • FMS - Functional Movement System 
  • Scraping Therapy - iamtools 
  • TRX Suspension Training Course 
  • Movement Based Appraisal (MOVE) - Chuck Wolf 
  • Junior Athletic Conditioning - NASM 
  • Training for Warriors - Martin Rooney
  • Precision Nutrition Certification - John Berardi  
  • Post Rehab Essentials - Dean Somerset  
  • PICP Level 1 - Charles Poliquin  
  • Cross Fit Certification (Level 1)  
  • PadBox - Peacock Gym 
  • PowerPlate Training (Level 2 + 3) 
  • Weight Management Specialist - NASM  
  • Sports Therapy Diploma (Level 3) - LSM  
  • Neuromuscular Stretching - NASM  
  • Keiser Group Cycling Instructor  
  • FitPro Advanced Circuit Trainer 

If you want to work with Anwar he offers :

personal training



online training

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. ”

— Socrates