Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. These days there are too many fads out there and not enough science and real information that’s easy to understand.

Whether its for weight loss or just healthy eating, a nutrition plan can help guide you in the right direction.

Eating healthy, whole foods can increase energy levels, improve your overall health and reduce risk of illness as well as aid in weight management.



Learn how to eat properly based on your goals and body type with an individulised nutrition plan, tailored around you and your lifestyle. Your nutrition plan will take into account eating habits, food preferences, work & family commitments as well as anything else that may need to be addressed. I will adapt your food plan to your everyday environment based on your location and season.



Your nutrition plan focuses on education so you can make more informed choices on the foods you eat, we also look at behaviour and habits around your food choices and preferences, then we agree on achievable changes. Think of it more of a swap, changing out one bad habit for a new good habit.

Each plan is tailored to suit your individual needs, meals are based on foods that you like, with an easy to understand approach to portion sizes and are easy to prepare.

An underlying priority of the plan is health and wellbeing so the goal is to be feeling good while on the nutrition plan.



If fat loss is your goal, understand it’s not going to be the same “diet plan” as one of my fighters who cuts weight for competition, this will be a longer journey and hopefully an enjoyable one. Even if you’re looking to gain a few kilos and you can’t stomach breakfast, you can still gain lean muscle while fasting so it won’t cause disruption.


How it works

nutritional guidance online or in person


in person or skype consultation

assessment of your current nutritional health

goal setting and plan made together

weekly meal plan

personal nutrition guide book with portion sizing & shopping lists

meal prep recipes

macro info sheets

food diary

email guidance & skype check ins


book a nutrition SESSION

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