Wherever you are in the world, Anwar offers a holistic approach to health, fitness and nutrition which fits your needs.

We all have good intentions to exercise and make healthy food choices, but it isn’t always easy and sometimes we just need some guidance and assistance. 

With Anwar you will be guided and supported through this journey, leading you to succeed in achieving your most desired goals.

His bespoke personal training and nutrition programs are created from extensive education and training, using methods designed to achieve and maintain the results you want.

Using his extensive training, Anwar has developed his own systems for initial screenings either in person or online.  The screening is used to analyse movement and posture, as well as goal setting to ensure programs give you what you want as well as what you need.



Whether you’re already training regularly or it’s your very first time, Anwar can help you with a personalised program that will deliver the results you cannot get alone.

You can train with Anwar in two ways :

In person in London, UK, or online via Skype/FaceTime