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Yoga is something that has defiantly something that has grown on me over the 14 years. Both my personal practice and teaching have continued to evolve through my trainings and education over the years. I’m certified in numerous styles of teacher trainings including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama & Ketonah. My teaching draws from the various lineages and from my background in training deep understanding of the body's anatomy and workings.

Along side the traditional yoga, I’ve created a style of yoga called Predator Yoga, especially for fighters and elite athletes, to develop strength, stability and flexibility, with a strong focus on breath and mindset with less fluff.

In the last few years I’ve started a Yoga School and ran several 200 hour and 300 hour trainings in Thailand and Costa Rica. In addition to the Teacher Training Certifications I run various styles of workshops both Yoga specific and a fusion of yoga and the strength world.


How it works:

you can get in touch to deepen your practice.

Yoga 1-2-1 sessions include a lot more than just the asana practice

practitioners wishing to book in for are…

normally yoga 1-2-1 sessions are between 60-90 minutes and will include asana practice as well as guided prananyame and meditation.

in the time together we discuss your personal practice in the time apart and agree on next best practice…

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